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  • Are you certified organic? Do you use pesticides or herbicides?
    We are not certified organic. The USDA organic label is washed down mush. You can still use organic chemical fertilizers, organic pesticides and organic herbicides with that label. It also costs more money than it is worth for a little farm like us to maintain. Instead we farm like our kids live here. Our children walk in every square inch of our fields and eat every vegetable and animal( and even sometimes straight soil) raised here. We do not, nor ever will we use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or any other thing ag-industrial tries to push on the American farmer. We are beholden to people greater than the consumer, our children and the generations yet to come. We use crop rotation, cover cropping, insect netting, hand picking, and companion planting to thwart insects. With our animals we rotational graze, breed for hardiness, feed tannin rich leaves for parasites, and keep em' clean and dry!
  • Where do you sell your farm products? Can I buy online?
    We sell our farm products at a few local events and at the Richmond NH Sunday Farmers market on an ad hoc basis. Why not online? Because lovingly raised animals and plants should not be shipped. Why don't we sell more wholesale and at more markets? Because we are primarily homesteaders, we eat the delicious food we grow and sell the surplus to subsidize our homesteading habit. It used to be that all farmers were like that. Everyone knows that the best tasting food is what grows right outside your door. You can email on the chance that I may have a surplus. It's kinda like the lottery, you might win big.
  • What are your farm products?
    All the vegetables and herbs. In 2023 we are hoping to produce and sell on farm raised and butchered poultry.
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