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Back to our Roots

  • The team: Daniel Patterson,  co-owner and co-farmer grew up working on a goat dairy farm and had a haying business. Rachel grew up playing in the woods and growing veggies in her Nana’s garden. 

  • We met and shared the same passions and Daniel got Rachel a job on the goat farm.

  • Of course we fell madly in love.

  • So fast forward: We get married, have a daughter( also a son about a year ago), and all this time for 4 years we are saving money and looking for a farm.

  • In 2019 we bought our Homestead. It is a 37 acre mixed use property with woodlot, pasture, and a ½ acre garden. The previous owners were true back to the land hippies using organic practices to feed themselves and a small market garden business. They deliberately sold their homestead to us because they did not want it to become a vacation home, but to continue a legacy of sustainable farming.


Vision, Mission, Purpose


  • Headwaters Homestead envisions a thriving rural landscape, where local foods are prioritized. We want the Monadnock region to  support hundreds of small scale farms, growing plants and animals together and employing regenerative farming practices.  Locally and organically grown food would be the norm and available year round. The community would embrace 4 season eating and would think industrial imports are second rate fare. We see rural livelihoods revived and communities remembering their roots, and how to eat them!



  • Headwaters Homesteads mission is to be a 4 season family farm that uses regenerative and organic farming practices to grow plants and animals selected for flavor so that the Monadnock region can eat delicious, healthy, local produce - year round.



  • Love thy neighbor. This is succinct yet all encompassing. Going far beyond the theological and into every realm of the secular. Love thy neighbor means growing and selling them the same nutrient dense food that I want to eat and feed to my own precious children.

  • We wouldn’t put toxic sludge on our kids plates so why would we sell it to you? We want to live in a diverse , beautiful landscape- so why would we trash our land. We want fertile soil, clean water, and breathable air for us and our children , so we won’t use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides - to ensure the same for you and your families.

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